Credentialing and Contracting Service

Managing credentialing, re-credentialing, provider updates, and data changes can be overwhelming and time-consuming for medical offices. Spending valuable time on hold and navigating the complex processes of various insurance companies can be costly and frustrating.

By outsourcing to us, you can ensure high-quality, up-to-date verification with a few simple steps. Regardless of you size, our credentialing and contracting services are tailored to meet your practices needs.  We specialize in relieving the burden of completing the credentialing process.

Provider credentialing involves verifying the medical/educations qualifications of healthcare professionals to establish their eligibility in delivering patient care. When you are hiring new providers, it’s best to initiate this process as soon as possible. We can assist you in identifying the most commonly used insurance plans, HMOs, and PPOs in your area. 

At Ascend Practice Management, our comprehensive credentialing services cover the following areas:

      • Obtaining TIN, NPI or CAQH Identification Numbers, when needed 

      • Submit applications to insurance payers for individual providers or groups

      • Follow-up and tracking of application status

      • Handling re-credentialing paperwork as requested by insurance plans.

      • CAQH maintenance and updates.

      • EFT Enrollment

      • Address, phone number, and roster changes and updates.

      • Medicare Revalidations

      • Hospital admitting privileges

      • DEA/CDS license management

    Trustworthy Credentialing Services for providers are crucial for maintaining accurate and current provider information. They also guarantee your affiliation with insurance plans, ensuring third-party reimbursement for patient care services. Failure to maintain your participation status with the payer or failure to re-attest to information that are listed in various portals such as CAQH, Availity, Provider Express, etc, can remove your from online provider directories OR even worse, terminate your existing contract.  

    To get started, all we need from you is to compile and complete some paperwork. You can then entrust the time-consuming tasks to our team. It’s important to note that medical credentialing is a comprehensive process, and depending on the insurance carrier, enrollment can take up to six months or longer to complete.  

    WHY WAIT?? GET STARTED TODAY!!  When you have gathered your documents and are ready to proceed, reach out to us at or call 219-926-8320, option 6.